A video piece following my nephew during special times year to year, now with a younger brother, many things can become part of this growing video installation.

Ceramic Van Installation studies. Caravan across a large painted map.

Friends Library Install: Ever Growing Usable Library

Email sent out to participants:

I'm working on a new installation that will travel with me my entire life. The premise to this piece is extremely simple, yet emotionally driven. Those invited to participate in this piece have been, are, or I can see a future being friends with. What you need to do is extremely simple. I'm looking for the top 5-8 books you've read in your life thus far. You can send me an email, call me, text me... with this. Try and follow this format

your name
your age:
1. Title-author. Sentence about the book




Include a sentence about it as well if you would like to give me some insight

When I receive your response, I will go on Amazon and order the books and add them to my library. If you choose not to participate that’s fine, but let me know so I can create the glossary accordingly.


Rupert Gregory


I can see the future, and it is bright

For a quick update, i have applied to one school and only one school to be an art teacher.  I was looking for a future, not just a job.  Through this fun application of shaving, getting dressed up for interviews, and explaining everything i stand for, i impressed the faculty and staff.  Through 3 interviews and 60 applicants, i am now the high school art teacher at Manheim Central.  I will be replacing my long time mentor who has taught me for more then 10 years through my life.  I will be teaching with one of my good friends and amazing teachers, Dan Cook.

I have a studio in my garage, am buying a house, and for all i know, living the life i've always dreamed of.  So, philly/lancaster, i will not be going anywhere for quite sometime.  If you are an artist and interested in giving a guest lecture, please let me know.  I will be running a weekly artist lecture series for my students and would love to have fellow peers and artists come and inspire my students with their love for art and life.

Be in touch, link me to your work, tell me how life is, call me.  I want to know what the future holds for all those around.

A huge thanks to the faculty, friends, and family who have supported me through my dream.  I owe you everything.



Where is home?  i am constantly unsure of where i belong.  I exist for certain amounts of time in certain areas, but it's not home.  I was raised in Lancaster, but is this home?  I struggle to find the true context of the here and now that i live.  As i sleep on floors, beds, tents, wherever, i never feel at home.   I am beginning to correlate the relative 'home' feeling with the surroundings i find myself in.  The things that make me feel at home comes to be a list of places, people, and things...
-my computer
-my job

things that i wish i could merge into one place and call home.  However impossible i wish to one day sit on a beach with her in my arms, knowing this is home.  Or maybe on a mountain or a city.

For now... this is home


This is it, my final farewell to the great eastern city of philadelphia.  I thank all those that made it what it was, wonderful.  Through the past five years i have found out more about myself and the world then ever imagined.  Through freshman name changes, living in lynnewood, sleeping in a garage, van, and trees, traveling through europe when school just wasn't enough.  The list goes on, the memories will live forever.

Next possible missions
-riding my motorcycle out west this summer to get away
-trying to teach in wyoming for the next five years
-move to utah
-living in alaska for a few months
-go back to austria
-apply for artist in residence at millersville
-build a studio with a bed, never leave, never eat, never breath-just make art

the future is vast, the world is within reach


Wheel II

B&W images shot with strobes and Evan


Ol Tyler II

Tyler, Oh how you have changed.


In Motion

Completed and Final Shots of the Wheel.

Ol Tyler

The Wheel

As it continues to alter in my mind, so it shall in my work.

The wheel is the next step of this large-scale sketching. . ..  . .   .    . .


The Arch has been re-installed at its new location in front of Tyler School of Art
The opening is this Friday the 20th
Lecture at 7

The build team