This is it, my final farewell to the great eastern city of philadelphia.  I thank all those that made it what it was, wonderful.  Through the past five years i have found out more about myself and the world then ever imagined.  Through freshman name changes, living in lynnewood, sleeping in a garage, van, and trees, traveling through europe when school just wasn't enough.  The list goes on, the memories will live forever.

Next possible missions
-riding my motorcycle out west this summer to get away
-trying to teach in wyoming for the next five years
-move to utah
-living in alaska for a few months
-go back to austria
-apply for artist in residence at millersville
-build a studio with a bed, never leave, never eat, never breath-just make art

the future is vast, the world is within reach


Wheel II

B&W images shot with strobes and Evan


Ol Tyler II

Tyler, Oh how you have changed.


In Motion

Completed and Final Shots of the Wheel.

Ol Tyler

The Wheel

As it continues to alter in my mind, so it shall in my work.

The wheel is the next step of this large-scale sketching. . ..  . .   .    . .