A video piece following my nephew during special times year to year, now with a younger brother, many things can become part of this growing video installation.

Ceramic Van Installation studies. Caravan across a large painted map.

Friends Library Install: Ever Growing Usable Library

Email sent out to participants:

I'm working on a new installation that will travel with me my entire life. The premise to this piece is extremely simple, yet emotionally driven. Those invited to participate in this piece have been, are, or I can see a future being friends with. What you need to do is extremely simple. I'm looking for the top 5-8 books you've read in your life thus far. You can send me an email, call me, text me... with this. Try and follow this format

your name
your age:
1. Title-author. Sentence about the book




Include a sentence about it as well if you would like to give me some insight

When I receive your response, I will go on Amazon and order the books and add them to my library. If you choose not to participate that’s fine, but let me know so I can create the glossary accordingly.


Rupert Gregory


Anonymous said...

1. The doors of perception & heaven and Hell--Aldous Huxley
2.Walden--Henry David Thoreau
3.A Confederacy of Dunces--John Kennedy Toole
4.Sperm Wars--Robin Baker
5.Intellectuals--Paul Johnson

Anonymous said...

1984- George Orwell (Classic must read and with many twist and turns and leaves you questioning the whole time, the moment you think you have it figured out it George throws you a curveball and it keeps you on your toes.
Stalingrad -Theodore Plievier (none if not few books take the accounts of soldiers during the operation Barbarossa. especially not in the way stalingrad does. It gives you the harsh reality of what the fighting was really like and spares no details. through the eyes of these made up characters you feel what life was really like at its harshest point in WWII)
The Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Neil Strauss (this book brings you into the life of one of the strangest and controversial singers of all time. at first i was leery about reading a book about marilyn manson but i wanted to learn what made him become him. It really took me back what he is really like aside from his public appearance and it took me back on his brilliance)
Animal Farm - George Orwell (a childish look at what happens in real communism. you know what will happen at every turn but its a very light and fun read that is hard to put down once started)
My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George ( a favorite from my childhood, it brought out the adventurer in me and maybe it will in you to. now it probably will seem like reading a childrens book but it brought so much into my imagination as a child)